MMM16 Day 2: An owly laurel

Hi stitching fans! Today's Me Made May issue is my Colette Laurel dress which I actually don't wear very often so I thought I'd dig it out in the spirit of the campaign and 'rediscover my love for it'. I made this from some totally gorgeous fabric my sister got me for my birthday or Christmas a couple of years ago. It was so lovely it really needed a pattern that wouldn't mess with it too much - the vertical lines of the trees were going to get messed up with any sort of dart

Me Made May 2016 - I'm in!

Hi stitching fans! Exciting times, and sorry this post is quite SO late on a Sunday but I've been looking after two or three nephews and nieces for a lot of the day and got slightly distracted! The excitement is because the lovely Zoe at So Zo What Do You Know has opened up sign up to 'Me Made May' for 2016! For those of you who don't know, Me Made May is a pledge-based commitment to get people loving and wearing their handmade wardrobes. You sign up on Zoe's blog and then po