Knitting and stitching show and an attempt at embroidery

Hi stitching fans! Many of you may not know that this weekend was the knitting and stitching show (spring) - there is also an (autumn) one for those wondering about the need for parentheses. I went along on Friday - always keen to avoid the weekends as these things get a bit too mental - and had a lovely time strolling around the stalls chatting to various people. Stalls of note included: Make Thrift London whose gorgeous stall you can see on her instragram feed. Sew Over It

A trio of cushions

Hi stitching fans, I have expanded into embroidery...or rediscovered it, or something. I also went back to my quilting roots with a bit of piecing and applique, which was super! I made these cushions over Christmas so they are all hand sewn due to the lack of a sewing machine. The bottom one was first and is based on a photograph I have of a small boy under a massive golfing umbrella. The boy and umbrella are hand appliqued, using foundation piecing to put the umbrella togeth