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First Tutorial Video!

Hi stitching fans! I've finally done it - broken into the online video land. There's a new page up in the 'things I've made' section on my recent making of the Sew Over It Tulip skirt so take a look, here is the skirt for those of you who haven't seen it: I know! She's so pretty! (the skirt - not me). Anyway - as part of the construction process I got a bit discombobulated folding the lovely pleats, so I took up the challenge laid down to me by several friends to put up a tut

A bit of a workshop

Hi stitching fans, I have news to report! A few weeks ago (OK, it was before quite some way, but I've only just got around to writing about it) I had a couple of people from work over to my little flat to get a little workshop on making their own (little?) clothes. Neither had much experience, but they both had a clear idea what they wanted to wear and that shops weren't coming up with the goods, so I offered to see if we could make the stuff instead. So they r

Circle Skirt and a Shed

Hi stitching fans, I have a small public confession to make - I said to myself that this year I would post something at least 50 times (around once a week) and although I did manage to do a post a week and a bit a go, about cushions in case you missed it, last week I failed. I am making up for it - this will be one of two this week to ensure I keep up my tally. And now I've said it 'out loud' I'll have to stick to it. Good. So. What's going on. Well....this weekend my sister

Joan Dress in 3 minutes

Hi stitching fans, I decided last weekend that I really should get on and sew the Joan dress that I've been meaning to make ever since I excitedly bought the pattern at the knitting and stitching show in September. Whilst at the show I also plucked up courage to actually speak to Lisa Comfort, who is a little bit my idol, runs Sew Over It and therefore terrifies me, being the source of my favourite patterns and much procrastination whilst watching her brilliant YouTube videos

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