Anna loves Tulips

Hi stitching fans! Well, I promised on my tulip skirt page that I would post again once I'd made tulip number here she is! Admitedly she developed somewhat as a result of a sudden thought I had whilst wandering around the supermarket - as you do - and she has teamed up to make a superhero-worthy combo with the By Hand London Anna dress bodice! I slightly love this. I'm not going to lie. The fabric is possibly polyester, I'm not really sure, but it's got very obvious

First Tutorial Video!

Hi stitching fans! I've finally done it - broken into the online video land. There's a new page up in the 'things I've made' section on my recent making of the Sew Over It Tulip skirt so take a look, here is the skirt for those of you who haven't seen it: I know! She's so pretty! (the skirt - not me). Anyway - as part of the construction process I got a bit discombobulated folding the lovely pleats, so I took up the challenge laid down to me by several friends to put up a tut