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Circle Skirt and a Shed

Hi stitching fans,

I have a small public confession to make - I said to myself that this year I would post something at least 50 times (around once a week) and although I did manage to do a post a week and a bit a go, about cushions in case you missed it, last week I failed. I am making up for it - this will be one of two this week to ensure I keep up my tally. And now I've said it 'out loud' I'll have to stick to it. Good.

So. What's going on.

Well....this weekend my sister and I FINALLY got around to taking some pictures of some of my other makes from days of yore. We took them in front of her shed. There was a reason for this - mostly that I drove all the way to her house with all my clothes only to discover I'd left my camera at home - slight error. The only place with decent enough light conditions for her camera phone was the garden and because it was a winter's afternoon the only place where I wouldn't be squinting into full and low sun was behind the shed. Plus it had a cute little window in it...



First up for this week we have the very lovey and swooshy circle skirt

...drum roll please...

Here she is!

This was drafted (by me) using the By Hand London circle skirt app - very handy and gets rid of all that annoying maths you might have to do - thank you ladies!

I added a wide waist band as a bit of an experiment which worked out extremely well I think. I really love how that turned out and oddly it's one thing people always comment on - I always get comments when I wear this, which is nice.

I made it from a medium weight loose weave whatIthinkispolyester I bought from the craft palace in Tooting in this rather fetching orange colour. I also made a lining from cotton lawn - that was a bit of a mistake. The other cotton lawn I've bought was, I suspect, rather higher quality than the one I bought for this and didn't crease when you so much as glanced at it. Which this one does. Lesson learned. BUT, the crinkles have a benefit in that it does give it some body which I do like - just maybe next time I'll pick something less wrinkly so ironing isn't so much of a pain in the bottom.

The obligatory swoosh/twirl/weeeee! exercise provided evidence of the marvellousness of a full circle skirt...

I took this one out dancing and, though I may have ended up inadvertently showing my pants to some strangers due to the exhuberance of the twirling, I think people were jealous.

Yes. That's what they were - jealous. Not horrified. Jealous.

It is super fun to dance in, and my partner thankfully got that so did lots of spinning....or maybe he could also see my pants. Oh. I'm not going to think about that - I'm sure it's fine.

Anyhow - I will be making more of these - I love them. I will also wear bloomers underneath. Bloomers are coming back - right?

The cardigan incidentally, is from Woolovers. I find it very hard to locate cropped cardigans and they do a brilliant range in natural fibres in loads of colours so worth a look if you like that sort of thing. This one is merino and cashmere mix in cream.

That's it for now! More later in the week - because of the schedule.

Love and kisses


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