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Blog posting schedule

Hi stitching fans!

I have a little commitment for you today – making commitments to myself doesn’t work as well as telling everyone else I’m going to do them so hopefully this will mean I stick with it!

As I've been blogging more and spending more and more time sewing I've decided to try and set some goals for how often I blog and what I blog about. This is partly so you, lovely readers, will know when to check back here (although you should also subscribe as then you'll get emailed about it!) and also so I can stick to some sort of rhythm and make sure I'm doing this regularly.

I've also got loads of stuff I want to cover as a result of speaking to a lot of people about sewing and blogging and other such nice things so I'm intending to have a structure that will help me to cover all of that content too.

I also do a lot of other craft things in and amongst so I may scatter in some of those items as and when they come along – we’ll see how that goes.

So Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are going to be blog post days – keep an eye out!

Love and kisses


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