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New series! Sewing for absolute beginners

Hi stitching fans!

Today I announce the dawn of a new blog series based on feedback I've had from a lot of people - thank you to everyone who took the time!

As I mentioned in my Sewing Myth Series posts, the vast majority of people don't sew - and if you don't sew then a lot of the things I talk about on this blog may seem a bit beyond your current level (of nil).

Very fair point, and all the blogs I read are of course for people who sew already and have an interest so tend to cover things assuming a certain amount of basic knowledge. I did a bit of internet searching and I couldn't actually find many blogs for absolute beginners. There are some people who cater particularly for novices and those just starting out but I think even they can assume people know things that they may not.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to write a bit of a beginners guide to sewing so if you've never picked up a needle and thread in your life but are interested in doing so you can follow along with this series and start to sew.

I should be clear at this point I'm going to be starting at the very beginning - basic equipment, threading a needle - that sort of thing - building up from there, so if you have been sewing for years this series may not be for you (don't worry I'm still going to be posting about other things!), but if you haven't sewn before then it definitely is!

The series will begin next week and I'm going to start with hand sewing. There are two reasons for this:

1. A lot of people don't have a sewing machine if they don't sew regularly, so starting off with a sewing machine tutorial feels like it's jumping the gun. If you're anything like me you'll probably want to give this sewing lark a whirl before investing in machinery so let's do that without needing lots of expensive equipment

2. Hand sewing can cover a LOT of useful stuff, it's very accessible, it's cheap and you need very little equipment. Also, if you just want to know how to sew for very practical reasons - like mending things you already own for example - hand sewing can do that for you relatively quickly.

So look out next Friday for the first of these posts – I’m going to cover needles and what to look out for as well as how to thread one – for which there will be a video!

Love and kisses


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