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  • Helen Puddefoot

A really handy and FREE Zip(per) class

Hi stitching fans!

Today I thought I'd share a little gem I discovered when roaming around on Craftsy. As I've mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I love the Craftsy platform and have taken a couple of courses on there already - but this one is brilliant - I use it almost every time I sew a garment with a zip and it's completely free!

The course is called:

This course is completely free and covers everything you'd ever wish to know about zips (or zippers if you're from across the pond).

It's super clear - has some really handy tips for when inserting zips into garments with trickier fabrics and covers everything from a traditional zip to a lapped zip to an invisible zip. I have to confess I refer to it almost every time I put an invisible zip in as it still gets me every time somehow and I find video so much easier to follow than photos or diagrams!

You can sign up to Craftsy online for free and access this course and it's well worth doing if like me you can use a little reminder of some of the trickier elements.

There's also a section on how to add a zip to a garment that's fully lined, which is great if you want to add a lining to a garment where it's not part of the original pattern.


Love and kisses


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