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GASP: Funny Face Dolls!

Hi stitching fans!

I'm afraid I had to post due to finding something online that blew my tiny mind. This is not a make, or anything really to do with sewing other than me trying to replicate all of these in full size for the next five years...but it made me so happy I had to share it.

If you are fans of all things vintage, and have heard of cinema, you may well be aware of the film Funny Face - if you aren't you should see it because it's just marvellous in too many ways for me to explain. Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, music, dancing and some of the best outfits ever to grace the silver screen.

I was, for reasons of my own, looking on the interwebs for pictures of Ms Hepburn and came across this

*chin on floor emoticon*

What the HELL?!!!!

Funny Face Dolls??!!!! With practically perfect tiny imitation outfits from the film???!!!!!

Hell yes!!

If I had known about this at the time I would have probably fought people to get my hands on the set with these outfits in it...yes it was just one set for a meagre $199 - bargain.

Audrey Hepburn a typical everyday fishing outfit of course...I mean I have one, just like this, for when I go fishing...

Well this outfit has to happen - fish or no fish - there is no doubt about that. LOOK AT IT!

One of my favourite photos and moments of Audrey Hepburn in any film ever, captured in tiny form with actual balloons! Ok - they probably aren't ACTUAL balloons - but they're still 'balloons'...oh never's amazing. And I WANT THAT DRESS. Going into the 'to make' pile immediately.

Train - steam, real tears. fur hat. fur coat, probably fur underwear. I wouldn't wear it but by golly it looks glamorous...



They're so amazing I don't know what to do with myself.

The work that must have gone into these is extraordinary - the outfits are so precise and so beautifully done. I am in awe.

In the original article it says these were made as a limited edition run of 400 dolls each by Integrity Toys and whoever got them must have been thrilled to bits. If you have them, send them to me.

There are far more photos on the blog post in the link above, with loads of other outfits from the film - go look - they're incredible.

OK, I'm going to stop now...





Happy stitching!


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