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Colour inspiration from tulips

Hi stitching fans!

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to go to the countryside, and I did!

I went to the Ashley Manor Gardens tulip festival and it was BLISSFUL. I spent three hours strolling around one of the most beautiful gardens I've seen, surrounded by blossoming gorgeous tulips in every colour you could think of and soaking up some constant, perfectly warm spring sunshine. It was heaven, absolute heaven.

I wanted to share some photos with you so you can get a sense of it - the festival is on until 7th May (this Sunday) and if you can get down there then do. I have to say the sunshine made all the difference, tulips look incredible with sunlight shining through their petals, but even if it isn't sunny I think it would be worth it.

Enjoy the photos!


Planting combinations were great, and I mainly took photos for colour inspiration - here some pink and deep red/purples...

There are statues and sculptures all over the is one of many of people casually lounging about. Pool's nice isn't it? :)

Soft purple and forget-me-not blue

Deep red/purple, cream and bright blue swimming pool...

Cream and delicate pink

Incredible, bright orange red in the sunlight - these were amazing and made people stop and stare from fifty feet away they were so bright and dazzling. This is not camera trickery they really looked this 'over saturated' in real life!

Yellow and a pop or orange

Warm pink and white

Fire-y oranges and yellows

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