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  • Helen Puddefoot

Me Made May days 13 to 25!

Hello stitching fans!

Here's a little round up of my makes from the last couple of weeks as part of Me Made May - can't believe it's nearly over!

The photos below are all taken from my instagram feed as that's where I've been posting each day - they're therefore not all of great quality but you can get the idea!

OK so not quite in the right order, but here they are!

Much as a I have quite an extensive handmade wardrobe I've realised as a result of this process that most of my clothes are relatively formal. I don't have any 'slouching about' clothes - I guess mostly because they're not the sort of thing you'd spend lots of time making. You will see that I've had a few days where I've worn something handmade like a necklace along with shop bought things to try and allow me some slouching days!

It's now the 25th May so only 7 more days of Me Made May left and I'm really pleased I decided to do it - its been great.

Still - not over yet!

Happy stitching!


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