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Me Made May - the whole month round up

Hi stitching fans,

My apologies the blog has been very quiet of late - the end of May got a bit crazy and then June hasn't exactly settled down.

However, I wanted to include a little overview of the whole of Me Made May for posterity so here it is. As I pledged when I originally signed up I intended to try to wear something I had made myself every day for the whole month and I succeeded!

I didn't take photographs for the final few days unfortunately but I've cobbled some together from other people's pictures and used some of the earlier ones as I was wearing repeats! Final day messed up my nice collage and was very much an 'accessories' day so I've just taken some poetic license and left it off but it did count!

I really enjoyed it - it was nice documenting so many things and realising I'd made so much stuff! I realised I don't really do casual homemade clothes - so on the days I just wanted to slob around the house I struggled and had to resort to accessories, but I'd factored that in at the beginning. There were a few occasions when I thought I'd run out of things and then suddenly found another dress lurking in the wardrobe and got another day's wear out of it, which was nice.

Maybe some tracksuit bottoms should be on the makes list for July ;)

Happy stitching!


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