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  • Helen Puddefoot

My Winter Coat is finished!

Hi stitching fans,

I made a COAT!

This was one of my lengthiest projects so far and I am totally thrilled with the results. I chronicled my progress in two videos that are now on youtube so do check them out for more details!

I used a Craftsy course to make this - Inside Vogue Patterns - Coat Making Techniques - so if you're new to coat making and want a step by step process to follow and a great instructor you can ask questions of I can recommend it.

The fabric came from Stone Fabrics in Totnes - the outer is a gorgeous Shetland Tweed, handworked in a teal/blue colour. It's then underlined in cotton flannel that I got from eBay, and lined in another Stone Fabrics pick - a herringbone and spot in silver-grey. There are links to the fabrics in the Youtube description of the first video so without further ado - here it is!

This takes you up to the end of the outer coat's construction, give or take, and the second film shows the finished product and some of the detail of the finishing touches.

Here are a few more pictures...

Hope you enjoy!

Happy stitching


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