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Hand Sewing Classes that come to you

The beauty of learning to sew by hand is that it's so darn portable! No need for a machine or electricity, just you, your hands, and a needle and thread. That means we can teach you anywhere - including in a field, and we've done that before!

We will come to you wherever you are - if you can find the people, we'll bring the sewing!

Use the links and categories below to search for your perfect, relaxing hand sewing experience

Skills and Techniques

Hand Applique

It's drawing - but with fabric!


The perfect community project - build something beautiful with your friends

Beading and Sequins

You want bling? We've got bling.

Add some sparkle to a well loved garment!

Make do and Mend

Sewing on a button beyond you? Yep - don't worry, we teach you basic skills like how to hand hem, sew on buttons and mend holes.

Save the lives of your clothes!

For Groups


Hand sewing is the MOST therapeutic thing. Slow down, focus and let the world fall away.

Hen Dos

Make your own sashes, create a patchwork masterpiece or something very special for the bride to be. Get in touch and we can suggest all sorts of great projects.

Baby Showers

Collectively make a baby quilt, adorn some baby grows or just have a natter over tea and some lovely hand sewing fun.

Team Days and Corporate

Great for wellbeing, team building and doing good. Make a quilt together and either keep it to display in the office or auction it off for charity

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