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  • Helen Puddefoot

The making of...the Marilyn Monroe Dress

Hi stitching fans,

For those of you who follow me on Youtube you will have seen I recently completed the first in a series of projects recreating iconic and famous dresses. The first was, of course, the Marilyn Monroe dress from the Seven Year Itch.

In this post you can see all the Youtube videos that chronicle the whole process, as well as some extra photographs that haven't been on social media yet.

I go through the process in quite a bit of detail in the videos so I won't duplicate here but do take a look - I'm already working on the next one!

For the of you who would like a quick two minute fix this is the video for you! It shows the entire process in speedy time!

The videos below are the three that go into detail of the development and making process, if you see things in the above that you would like a bit more info on or you would like to indulge in some longer sewing fun have a look at these:

And here are some of my favourite pictures from the photo shoot I did with my wonderful younger sister who worked miracles! Some of these have been tidied up and some of them haven't :)

Happy stitching!


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