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  • Helen Puddefoot

The perils of living with a seamstress

Hi stitching fans,

Does this look familiar?

How many people have ended up buying hard-soled slippers shortly after taking up sewing?

If I had a dedicated sewing space this would be less perilous but as I make my items in the living room, there is an element of peril that creeps into proceedings. I am ALWAYS finding pins...everywhere. Yesterday I found one IN THE FRIDGE. I mean how did that even happen?!

A month or so ago I reached into my handbag to find something and ended up with a needle embedded in my finger. What the hell was it doing in my handbag?! I am not one of those people who carries a sewing kit everywhere I go (although I do have a tape measure most of the time) and I hadn't done any mobile sewing that would have required me to put a needle into my bag - but there it was, sticking out of my finger while I quitely squirmed in equal embarassment and pain while my very patient boyfriend looked at me in disbelief.

My mother's 'workroom' when we were younger was just like this - you simply didn't go in there without shoes on, you'd regret it.

I've actually just found another one on the floor whilst writing this...there it is...sitting in the corner...smirking at me.

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