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MMM16 Day 5: Cotton polka to circle skirt

Hi stitching fans!

This is the first item of clothing I made when I started to get back into sewing and then got hooked on dress making. It is therefore not the best quality item, but it's still one of my favourites, it hangs beautifully and it super cool and lightweight which, seeing as it is SUNNY AGAIN today seemed an appropriate choice.

My friend Mary offered for my birthday to arrange a day of whatever crafting activities I desired (GOOD PRESENT) so, since she also got me back into sewing in general, I suggested we make clothes (we had both been quilting up to that point).

She came along to my flat armed with patterns from the...ahem...Daily Mail...don't judge, they were a gift to her from a relative, and I went with the circle skirt as my project. Unfortunately the pattern pieces didn't appear to come with instructions, so I had to cobble it together through common sense and trial and error, which is why it's a bit wobbly in places, but I enjoyed it so much I then went out and bought another pattern and...well...the rest is history.

So thank you Mary for introducing me to the craft love of my life and thank you circle skirt for not being such a disaster as to put me off forever and mean I missed the chance to do something I love so much.


Happy stitching!


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