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Me Made May Update!

Hi stitching fans!

My apologies for not posting for a whole week, it's been a bit busy and the website I use to manage my blog has been playing silly beggars.


Me Made May is still going as am I!

Here are my outfits from day 8 to day 12 to work through the backlog...

Happy stitching!


Day 8: Sunshine in Norfolk meant a summer dress

One of my earliest makes - a Simplicity patterns 2549 made in official Downton Abbey fabric - yes they even brought out a fabric range. Merchandising.

Day 9: Driving back from Norfolk in the sunshine and then pouring rain in the afternoon - it must be May.

This is a top I made from the Sew Over It Betty dress pattern and turned into a peplum top by shortening the skirt. It's made in New York Taxi fabric I got from City Quilter in New York when I was there last year.

Day 10: Circle Skirt time!

This one was hand drafted and made in what I think is polyester, but it has a lovely drape and it perfect for a circle skirt. Swoosh!

Day 11: One of my favourite outfits at the moment

A sew over it ultimate skirt in gorgeous Georgio Armani wool and a Sew Over It betty dress hack into a cropped and button back top. I love it.

Day 12: Another Megan as the sun appears to have come out again! This one is in lovely floral Japanese import cotton.

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