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  • Helen Puddefoot

Joan Dress in 3 minutes

Hi stitching fans,

I decided last weekend that I really should get on and sew the Joan dress that I've been meaning to make ever since I excitedly bought the pattern at the knitting and stitching show in September. Whilst at the show I also plucked up courage to actually speak to Lisa Comfort, who is a little bit my idol, runs Sew Over It and therefore terrifies me, being the source of my favourite patterns and much procrastination whilst watching her brilliant YouTube videos.

A friend at work had filmed a time lapse of her Christmas dinner and the thought occured to me that seeing as when I make something it takes me the best part of a day (I appear to be significantly slower than Lisa who apparently takes 6 hours to make this pattern, you can double that when I attempt it) sewing an outfit might also be a good time lapse candidate.

So I set up the iPad in the corner of the room and let it tick away for the best part of the day recording my various struggles to put this dress together. It was all going very well until the kick pleat, when I'm afraid reason left me and I had to also leave the dress before it got flung unceremoniously out of the nearest window with a cry of "I never liked you anyway you piece of $*!.

I figured it out eventually, but it wasn't that clear what you should do from the pattern. Just saying.

Anyway, I wanted to post this as a tribute to this lovely dress (it is lovely) and note that when I wore it to dinner a friend of mine said "gosh that's exactly the sort of dress Joan from Mad Men would wear!" - well yes, yes it is. Brief achieved Lisa!

Sorry about the low quality music choice - I shall attempt to improve my video editing skills in future!

Love and kisses


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